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154 Replies to “Download torrent de jogos de casino

    1. @David Tanasescu what would you recommend? Im about to buy my first gaming pc – gonna have a rtx3060ti with 32gb of ram

    2. Its easy, you need a lot of memory ram in youre pc 16GB ram is not enough
      for youre pc.

    1. @Kevan Lannister I had the same problem just follow the guide at 4:48 , that’s what fixed the issue for me.

  1. Let me just say this was awesome! You got straight to the point and it was easy to follow. Thank you for this video. I freaking love you. Do more!

  2. Yo i Search due in at Google and it bring me to you and I don’t even know you

  3. For some reason the menu won’t pop up, all the files are in there and gta online recognizes the files for mods are in there but won’t activate.

    1. @Return Of Caribou I found a fix, try downloading script hook v and follow his instructions in the video, it worked for me.

    1. Yes, you can have 1 million; LOOK OUT YOU NEED **A LOT OF MEMORY RAM INSTALLED IN YOURE PC!**

  4. Broiler Bites 🤣 Totally new to modding GTA and im glad i found this video. I liked n Subbed so ill check out your other content too.

  5. Can anyone help me I am having the problem that when I start gta After adding a Car addon of Lamborghini Sesto elemento, My game just crashes Please help

    1. My game was crashing on any car addon, but it was great right after I followed the bug fix part of the video

  6. for the addon part whenever i start my gta 5 it just kicks me out on the loading screen when i take off the addon cars it stops kicking me out can someone give me some advice much appreciated.

  7. The mod works great you were a huge help. Also Ive just started a channel including gta and left for dead. Im releasing gaming videos every day, if anyone can check it out and if u like it then subscribing will be a bonus. Thanks guys have an awesome day!👌🏻😁

  8. Im so confused how do I download a character addon cause I want a goku addon and I dw how to get it onto gta

  9. Its giving me a pop up saying its a modified client, I followed step by step and im loading story mode not online it still says it.

  10. i dont usually like and subscribe on the first video i see by someone.. but you sir, you helped me a lot with modding

  11. Bro thank you so much, I have been playing this game for 3 years now and finally figured out how to use mod!!!

    1. @Fresh • Oh, you are totally right. The mod can be run again after installing the game config and heat adjuster. Just figured out it, thank.

    2. @Just a random girl with glasses took me a couple hours to find out from research but to make the Add-on car mods to work all you have to do is download game config for limitless vehicles and heap limit adjuster from gta 5 mods , after properly installing both(look up a tutorial on yt, that’s how I installed it) your game should work fine and have the Add-on mod.

  12. Does anyone have a issue when doing the Bugstar heist prep (singleplayer) that the game crashes when entering the mission area?

  13. Whenever I try to drag the menyoo files, it shows me a crossed out circle help

    1. You have to drag it and put it in the main folder where gta is in your downloads not in OpenIv, is that what you tried?

  14. Do you have to be in a certain point in the game to open the mod menu

    1. You have to do the second variation because in the first the files are outdated just replace them like he did (4:50)

  15. I wish their was a mod where you could swap the entire radio system with san andreass

    1. Same, you need more memory RAM for youre pc 16GB memory ram is not enough

  16. what should i do if i want to go online but dont want to delete my mods?

  17. This is probably the best step by step guide for adding cars, even a dum dum like me managed to follow this, I just can’t seem to get the vehicle mods to work once installed 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. Because you need to learn how to this type of stuff and if youre is old then, Good luck buddy..

  18. when I add (REPLACE) mod it says corrupt game data. Please reboot…… but ADD ON works

    1. @Szabó Bence I did everything even the script hook ones and the antivirus part still doesnt open

    2. try to change the keybinds from f8 to something else. it should be go online button.

  19. Iv downloaded everything and nothing more and still crashes ever once in a while? Anything else I could help with that?

  20. what if adding on first vehicle, gta crashes when opening story mode

    1. Happened with me too then I downloaded the crash fixes he covered in this video and it never crashed again Ive got loads of car mods and it never crashes this is by far the best tutorial out there if you follow it correctly

  21. Im trying to install the Vstancer mod i downloaded gta 5 from rockstare warehouse and im playing the game from rockstar launcher please help 🙏 😭

  22. Thank you so much man, really detailed and understandable! Broiler Bites.

  23. So if I wanted to play online again what would be the simplest way to disable the mods?

    1. Its just better off copying a clean version of the game to a hard drive so you can play online

  24. Why is my priority so low after i installed the gameconfig/heapajuster/packfile limit ajuster? the map dosent render in even on realtime priority.

  25. when i press f8 for menyoo, a screen appears asking me if i wanted to quit the current game and go online. I cant get menyoo to work. Help please.

    1. when i add the scripthook files, rockstar social club signs me out when i try to start the game up. (I installed the game via steam)

  26. bro i did this said i had a modified version then ruined my gta i cat open it now

  27. lol so much to take in ill have to watch this back as im new to GTA5 mods but not new to mods because with ETS2 and ATS its simple as just putting mods in the mod folder and i actually create skin mods on steam but it seems GTA 5 mods are completely different.

  28. Thank you so much! I was wondering where my new cars went until i realised I have to install it in latest patchday and I have been modding since 2012 wow man! Thank you so much once again!

  29. i installed a couple of add on cars and i followed the steps, however, i cant spawn them. It says vehicle doesnt exist. can anyone help me?

    1. Have you tried the method from read me file? It is the guild line and it should exist in most of the GTA mod files that can help you to install the specific mods you want.

  30. Ive got a problem with addon cars. When I types the name of cars, Ive got communiate: Error: Invalid Model. Can anyone help me?

  31. Im getting a invalid model error bit I followed the steps correctly

  32. Im trying to take the files to the gta folder but it doesnt allow me to

  33. For some reason whenever I try to download anything it say I don’t have the. Associate app or sum any tips?

  34. I just installed this (latest version) and I do not see ASI manager. Does the newer program work differently?

    1. @David Tanasescu any idea why I wouldn’t see ASI manager in the tools drop down?

  35. IMPORTATNT QUESTION: do you guys know why i cant move tuning file to the veichles rage package files ( im in edit mode but nothing happens)

  36. I followed the directions to the letter even trying both scrip and open iv neither worked so im gonna guess that this is outdated because it kept acting as if i installed it wrong not letting me open the mod window.

  37. ok so i do all of it and when i start it runs just fine. I click storymode and it starts loading but in the middle of loading it just shuts down with no error message whats

    1. Hmm, it should work because for me it works fine but if you have an old, cringe pc, you game might…..

  38. Broiler Bites! lol thanks for the great tutorial man, finally my game doesnt crash xD

  39. Guys I have followed all of the instructions and checked everyhting three times now, and have remapped f8, and menyoo still wont show up, idk what to do. Its also not a pirated GTA

  40. Okay, Ive done everything correctly. It crashed everytime I load the game up. It goes through the bikini lady, franklin then crashes at the michael slide

    1. @villen that made it crash even faster, the issue is the vehicles. follow step by step and the trainer works but upon adding any vehicle the game just crashes. back track and remove vehicles and it works just fine
      Dumb literally bought it on pc to mod but it doesnt even work, just go back to ps5 now

    2. @Sean James Kane Copy dinput8.dll from your System32 folder and paste it into the main GTA5 folder. That worked for me, unfortunately though that means the mods no longer work. I think this is because the ScriptHook mod required to get the Menyoo trainer to work comes with its own dinput8 file but when you use that one the game crashes. I believe the mod creator needs to update the mod.

    3. Same here, not sure whats causing it as everything was followed as I went along. Going to gradually uninstall items and see whats wrong

  41. This didn’t work for men not sure why 🙁 I’m in story mode and when I press F8 it says “you are attempting to access gta online serves with an alternate version of the game. Return to GTAV.” I don’t get it tho, I have the game from steam and I’m not in an online server.

  42. I’ve been pushing f8 and it does nothing. I’ve pushed it repeatedly

  43. Well i followed exactly every step and i only tried to install 1 mod the deluxogt and yet game keeps crashing

  44. For anyone experiencing crashes while trying to load into story mode, try to copy and paste the d3d9.dll and dinput8.dll from your System32 folder and paste them directly into your GTA folder (Where the GTA5.exe is) that worked for me anyway. Unfortunately mods that require ScriptHook will not currently work as of (April 2nd) because I believe the ScriptHook mod itself needs to be updated. ScriptHook seemingly requires dinput8.dll to work and comes with its own compatible version when you download it but that version was causing me to crash again, it wasnt until I replaced it with the dinput8.dll from my System32 folder that I could load the game fine again, but like I said, mods dont requiring the mod wont work until the creator updates.

    1. Im trying mods for the first time and when i try to open this Menyoo thing in story mode, it instead tries to bring me online. All mods just need to be updated??

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